Sanitation Standards


In cooperation with the restaurant standards as outlined by the California Department of Health & the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Nirvana Grille is taking the following measures to ensure the utmost safety of our guests and employees:
  • We have gloves, sanitizer, cleaner, and wipes stationed in various places for indoor and outdoor dining sanitation.
  • All front-of-house employees must wear approved face-shields at all times.
  • Back-of-house employees are required to wear face masks and gloves at all times.
  • We are making our own hand sanitizer for usage throughout the restaurant.
  • All entry way surfaces, pens, and other restaurant items are being wiped down regularly.
  • Linen is replaced after each table is finished.
  • Rollups are being used instead of layouts for silverware to reduce overall contact.
  • Our tray service reduces contact as customers take their plates from a server tray and then place them back on it when finished.
  • All payment is completely contactless with wireless card readers.
  • All doors remain open at all times, and the side window is open for pickup as well as the sliding glass door on the opposite side of the restaurant to create airflow throughout the space.
  • Bathrooms & all other areas are cleaned regularly. 
  • Table spacing is as specified by the governor.
  • Drinks may be served to your table but we do not have an active bar area at this time.
  • All guests are asked to remain 6 feet apart at all times in accordance with social distancing guidelines.

Digital No-Contact Menu through a QR Code

Click here to view now.

Use your phone camera to scan the QR code on the table tent at your table to browse the full dinner menu and wine lists. A few wipeable, physical menus are available upon request. Ask your server for more details.