Nirvana Grille & APPLE STARR FARM's Organic Apple & Pear Orchard Harvest

Introducing: Nirvana Grille's Exclusive Partnership with APPLE STARR ORCHARD in Julian, California

Starting September 14, 2020, you will be able to purchase various varieties of certified organic pears and apples through Nirvana Grille from APPLE STARR ORGANIC ORCHARD in Julian, CA. 

The produce will be picked fresh two times a week, and will be available for purchase from our Nirvana Co-Op for delivery or pickup from Nirvana Grille, or for pickup at APPLE STARR ORGANIC ORCHARD in Julian, CA. 

Please note that if you pickup at APPLE STARR ORCHARD, they are not open for tours or the farm experience, but simply for pickup.

Special Notes:

There will be limited quantities in some varietals. When the items are sold out, that will all of that will be available for the season of that type of fruit.

Any apple or pear order can be added to an order with any other item(s) from our full online grocery store, including To-Go hot food from Nirvana Grille.

At the end of the packing season, the gleaning of all remaining crops will be donated to Laguna Food Pantry, Sally's Fund, and the Alzheimer’s Foundation Orange County in Irvine, CA. 



The original orchard was planted by the Farmer family after whom "Farmers Road", the road to the town, is named. Apple Starr Orchard parcels cover approximately 28 acres of which 8 acres are planted with apples and pears. Parts of the land were earlier used as a milk dairy. The old barn was constructed in the early 1900s.  

Dr. Starr

Dr. Starr is the founding and first chair of the Neurology Department at UCI.  He is an emeritus professor of neurology. Dr. Starr's research into hearing disorders defined a condition he termed, Auditory Neuropathy which is the basis of testing for hearing in newborns.  The AAN, American Academy of Neurology awarded him with an honorary membership given to individuals deemed by the Academy’s board of directors to have performed exceptional meritorious contributions to the field of neurology, with international impact.
He started Apple Starr Organic Orchards in 1982 to benefit the health of the community.  In 2015, he was voted Farmer of the Year by the town of Julian, Ca. 
Dr. Starr has been painting since medical school at NYU.  He is a prolific watercolorist and has exhibited his Neuralscapes, paintings of the brain and his landscapes all over the world including the Salerno Biennale in Italy and the Nobel Forum.

 The Orchard 

There are approximately 1000 trees with their numbers balanced between apples and pears. The trees range in age from 20 to 70 years and the majority have low branches that children can access.  We only use certified organic products and are inspected annually to maintain our certification.

 Listed items below will be available here on this page, according to their ripening times and quantity.
All will be available in half-peck (5-7lb) $20 and full-peck bags (10-12lb) $36.
Red & Green Bartlett's (1,000lbs) = 9/15 to 10/1 - Available Now
Bosc (500lbs) = 10/7 to 10/31
Anjou (100lbs) = 9/22 to 10/7
Comice (200lbs) = 10/1 to 10/15
Granny (200lbs) = 10/15 to 11/7
Jonagold (70lbs) = 9/22 to 10/7
"Farmer's Choice:"
Miscellaneous Mix and Match Bag