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Have you been in recently to see the new clean refined look that we have created for you and our family at both Nirvana Grille locations? If you haven’t you should stop by and see what we have accomplished. With my shopping talent, the dedication of our staff, my husband Luis, and the expertise of my sister, interior designer Danielle Tarango, we’ve created a dining room paired to the style of food we serve.

Laguna Beach:

Mission Viejo:

Our inspiration for the redesign was the now coined phrase, farm-to-table. We wanted to take this a little farther back with a vintage throw back to the farmer’s almanac and the days when our parent’s parents grew what they cooked. This meant dark woods, simple clean lines, rich colors, and the classic white plate décor. For a quick fun fact, did you know that the Chinese was the first to discover porcelain? They started trading with Europeans in the early 1300’s where porcelain items became the most requested item, specifically plates.

In Laguna Beach, one of my favorite pieces we added is a wonderful large mango wood drum chandelier from North Laguna’s local Lightopia. Next time you walk in the front door take a look at the expansive illusion it creates in the mirrored center. What a compliment to the dining room entry and a great sustainable resource.

In every dish I create, I use only the finest quality produce I can find and source from as many locally grown sustainable farms as possible. We source much of our produce utilizing Melissa’s Produce, a local company which in their own right, have the same passions for quality ingredients that I myself have. Not only do they supply to the trade, they supply to consumers like you and as well are an integral part of the farming industry, owning many of the crops they sell.  They as well immerse themselves in philanthropy and support restaurants like mine to be able to donate our time and food for great local organizations throughout the year. Check them out at

Sourcing great ingredients makes my job that much easier. I chose to design my menus around the same concepts of using recycled materials in an effort lessen our own carbon foot print. Furthermore, I have removed all seafood from our menu which is not fully sustainable. Sadly, that meant removing one of my favorite and signature dishes, the Chilean Sea bass or Patagonia Tooth fish which to date was my number one best selling and until recent years, profitable dish. For my long time regulars, this was a huge disappointment, however I am not able to support something that does not emulate all that we stand for and what I wish to be known for and supporting a product as great as it is, if it is overfished or on the brink of extinction, I cannot uphold the values that my family shares. For all of the loyal sustainable seafood eaters out there, here is a great link for you to keep in your pocket anytime you are purchasing seafood from your favorite restaurant. Support those who support good and little Diego will thank you when he grows older!

Thank you for supporting Nirvana Grille. I look forward to feeding you again soon!

Chef Lindsay Smith-Rosales 

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